A hot water safety and efficiency measure for all new UK homes

June 26, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Some of us use our elbows, some of us use our big toe, and some of us don’t use anything at all. Every year 112,000 people are treated for hot water scalding in the UK and around 6% of them have to be hospitalised. Many people might not of think a hot bath as a potential danger but the scalding one can suffer is a second-degree burn and causes very serious splitting of the layers of skin and then blistering. It’s a very common and serious problem with the young and the elderly in particular, which is why the Housing Minister, Iain Wright, has this month announced plans to change the way British houses tackle their water.

From October 2009, all newly built houses in the UK will be fitted with a gadget that limits the hot water temperature as it comes out of the taps. On top of this device there will also be a system that prevents any one person from using more than 125 litres of water per day. The amendment will come to the Building Regulations bill under the part that deals with sanitation, hot water safety and efficiency. Mr Wright was keen to stress his desire for change on these two issues, one of which will help the health of UK residents and the other that helps the environment.

On top of the requirements for new houses, the government has come up with other plans for water facilities in people’s homes and is also looking further into use for grey water – which is the old sullage water that comes from shower, baths, washing machine and sinks – as well as rainwater, which the UK has had aplenty in recent years.

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