6000 homes affected by burst water main

December 3, 2008 at 4:30 pm

A burst water main which deprived approximately six thousand homes and businesses of water earlier this week has been fully repaired. Several areas in the Helensburgh region were affected by the burst water main but a spokesman for Scottish Water has revealed that engineers “worked round the clock in very poor ground conditions” in order to fix the problem.

The poor conditions made the repair very difficult to complete and the company was concerned about the safety of its employees, who had to take “extra care in excavating the pipe and working on the repair”. However, despite this, normal water supplies are now being provided to homeowners. Whilst first turning on the tap, individuals may see some kind of discolouration but the water will run clear after a short while.

The burst water main was situated in the playing fields of Hermitage Academy School and local residents were outraged at the manner in which the crisis was handled by Scottish Water. The company handed out bottled water and also placed tanks around the region. However, one local resident reported that no restrictions were placed on the bottled water supplies, which led to some individuals driving away with their cars full of bottles.

Scottish Water has as yet failed to comment on this criticism but the spokesman for the company was keen to apologise to all local residents affected by the burst water main. He apologised for the “inconvenience caused by the burst” and wanted to thank the company’s customers for their understanding.

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