How office water coolers are reducing staff sickness and absence

April 14, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Staff sickness and attendance records at workplaces that have a water cooler on-site are often better than at those that only have soft drink vending machines (water cooler companies such as Water for Work and Home claim). As UK workers start to prefer chilled water to caffeine and fizzy drinks, they are becoming more productive as a result.

A noticeable improvement in employees’ alertness, brain function speed, general receptiveness, and energy levels is all being traced back by many UK bosses to one simple yet significant decision: to provide fresh chilled water at their premises (usually from a bottled water cooler).

As staff avoid the perils of dehydration (headaches, tiredness, poor concentration, reduced attention span and information retention, etc.), lower levels of sickness absence also occur, productivity increases, and a more positive workplace atmosphere becomes the norm.

Bottled water coolers are generally cheaper than vending machines, and deliveries of replacement bottles can be scheduled to suit each company’s particular needs, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The water coolers can also be situated in almost any location, and so where connecting a plumbed-in water cooler proves unfeasible, bottled water coolers are ideal.

The removal of all empty bottles, and a back-up service that ensures bottled water coolers are always clean and well-maintained, comes as standard from most UK bottled water cooler companies.

All this could soon spell the end of vending machines in workplaces across Britain; the many benefits of having a well-hydrated workforce being simply too attractive to ignore!

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