Effects of Drought on British Wildlife

August 17, 2006 at 3:48 am

The RSPB has just published a wide-reaching report on the devastating damage to the English wildlife and countryside caused by recent drought. The report highlights the effect of water-shortage on native animals and their habitats. Fish are being badly affected by the disappearance of the safe shallows where their young mature. A shrinking natural habitat has put many other species of mammals, insects and birds in jeopardy.

The report highlights the fact that this is not a short-term problem. Alongside climate change, increased demand for water for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes has caused a prolonged water-shortage. The vast areas of wetland that once spread across the country have all but dried up.

The report claims that hot, dry summers like the one we are currently experiencing will become more and more frequent. It concludes with calls for drastic changes to the way we use and think about our water supply. We must regulate and control the amount of water that is drained for agricultural purposes that it claims, ‘have no overall economic benefit’.

However, there are also many steps that you can take in the home to save water and cut down on wastage. See our ‘Help & Advice’ page for tips that will help you save water, and money.

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